Representing My Drap

MyDrap is a UNIQUE, AFFORDABLE and ELEGANT sinle-use textile solution. By combining innovation, and sustainability, these cotton and linen napkins are functional, disposable and can be fully branded with precise specifications.

Unique attributes

  • Make a stunning presentation at your bar with a branded coaster that looks and feels like a real napkin, without the hassle of laundry. My Drap products are affordable and intended for single use.

  • MYDRAP products are the only single-use coasters, napkins, placemats and table runners made from 100% cotton, recycled cotton or linen, pre-cut and non-woven. They are beautiful, functional, disposable, and can be fully branded . All the napkins are available either on a roll (tear-off) or pre-folded.

  • MY DRAP product is 100% compostable and manufactured in Spain with the highest standards of environmental friendliness.

  • They are available in multiple colors and prints. They can also be personalized with your logo or design and delivered as you prefer: in a pre-cut roll, flat packed or with different types of folds.

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